530 Wildwood Drive Spartanburg SC

530 Wildwood Drive

$200,000 | MLS #: 312410

530 Wildwood Drive
Spartanburg, SC29306

This real estate description provides potential buyers with detailed information not only about the properties itself, but of the surrounding area as well. The potential for the 5 joined properties, totaling approximately 3.7 acres, is underlined with the mention of its capacity for possible new housing such as houses or townhomes, making this listing appealing to developers or investors. Additionally, the fact that 90% of the properties is buildable adds value. All public utilities are available and the possible subdividing of the properties and/or addition of a city or private road could increase the lot's density, increasing the number of residences that can be built. Convenience is another key advantage highlighted. The properties proximity to downtown Spartanburg, amenities such as restaurants, nightlife, pharmacies, and grocery stores, as well as the new baseball stadium, make this a desirable location from a lifestyle perspective. The properties location near the Downtown Airport, without the downside of jet noise, could appeal to potential buyers looking for easy access to travel accommodations. Moreover, for those with families or individuals considering starting one in the future, the reference to Spartanburg District 6 schools' strong academics and successful sports programs may be an attractive feature. Access to major highways and downtown areas, alongside the location in a popular and well-established city area, could likely appeal to a variety of potential buyers. Overall, the detailed features, and potential value is best for development. The parcel IDs are 6-21-11-123.00, 6-21-11-124.006-21-11-125.00, 6-21-11-126.00 and 6-21-12-008.00 and is located near Hatcher Gardens in Spartanburg, which is off Hwy 296 (John B White Sr Blvd) about 2.5 miles from Spartanburg city center.

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